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Most of tuna catch comes from healthy stocks, but bluefin continues overfished

According to a published report by FIS Worldwide, "there are 23 stocks of the major commercial tuna species worldwide – 6 albacore, 4 bigeye, 4 bluefin, 5 skipjack and 4 yellowfin stocks...In 2012, the catch of major commercial tunas was 4.6 million tonnes. Fifty-six percent of it was skipjack tuna, followed by yellowfin (28 per cent), bigeye (10 per cent) and albacore (6 per cent). Bluefin tuna accounts for only 1 per cent of the global catch. Globally, 52 per cent of the stocks are at a healthy level of abundance, 39 per cent are overfished and 9 per cent are at an intermediate level. In terms of exploitation, 43.5 per cent of the stocks are experiencing a low fishing mortality rate, 17.4 per cent are experiencing overfishing, and 39.1 per cent have a high fishing mortality that is being managed adequately. When viewed from the point of view of total catch, 86 per cent of the catch comes from healthy stocks."

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