Word On The Street


Open Area: Harvest reports for the end of June 2013 show that 15.4 M pounds of shucked

meats have been landed out of an estimated harvest of 34 M pounds, or approximately 46% of
the Open Area Catch has been realized. Once the July and August landings have been reported
we expect that 70% of the Open Area harvest will have been caught resulting in more sporadic
catches from September thru February.

Hudson Canyon: Data through the end of June shows landings thus far at 2.1 M out of a Total
Allowable Catch (TAC) of 2.7 M pounds or 79% complete. When updated through August, it is
safe to assume the area will be very near its limit for 2013.

New England Closed Areas: Harvesting has been going on since May, opening at a steady
pace. Total catch as of the end of June is at 1.7 M pounds out of a TAC of 5.4 M or 32%
complete, but Closed Area I figures indicate a yield of 1 M lbs. less than allowed due to low
catch volume, therefore we may be closer to 40% complete.
Summary: Total volume caught thru June is down 8 M lbs from 27.3 M lbs in 2012 to 19.3 M lbs. in 2013. This reduction in volume has greatly impacted prices as reflected in the July boat price which is up $1.00 to $1.50/lb from last July. July 2013 prices have ranged from $11.75 to $12.30.
We expect prices to remain high thru September and climb in November and December. After
August we expect volumes will steadily decline with most of the fishing having been completed